How to keep your best employees?

A leaving employee usually brings a lot of trouble for the company - need to find a new employee, schooling the new employee etc. It is especially hard for the company when one of the best employees has decided to leave. Therefore it is important to know how to keep your employees. 

Erika Andersen (2015) writes in Forbes that a good leader becomes a coach for his employees. People want to do work that has a meaning for them, they want to get good at it and do it in a self-initiated and self-directed way. A good leader can support employees in reaching these goals. 

To do that the leader should work together with the employees. First it is important to set out the goals for employees personal development. Then a plan can be made how to reach these goals and then the plan can be put into action. Learning new skills and becoming independent in the job is useful both for employees and employers and you do not need to worry anymore that your best employees will leave you. 

Communication is the key word in motivating and keeping your best employees. If employees are aware of company's goals and feel connected to them they will give 100% at work. Andre Lavoie, CEO of talent alignment platform provider ClearCompany, and Bob Chapman, CEO of international company Barry-Wehmiller,  said that motivated workers know the companies goals and their place in achieving these goals. To achieve this both CEOs put a lot of time to direct communication. Every time Chapman visits one of his companies he finds time to have a meeting with the employees. 

On contrary to the popular belief that money is the only and main motivating factor for employees a lot of other components are also important to people. For example, the chance to develop and master their job. A good leader should help employees in reaching these goals. This way the company will surely experience growth. 

Virve Kass


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